Total Objective and Principles:


As our name suggests we provide Toolings & Equipments Solutions of diversified applications.
Nothing in this world is as certain as change. The management of change is a challenge that we at Total are successfully committed to. Directing and shaping transformation processes is at the very core of our services.

At Total the focus is on satisfying the needs of our customers and continuing to develop our products and markets. We base our success on the precise know-how in the varied industries with our experience and expertise. This success is highly developed on the quality of our products and services. In addition, as leaders in our target markets we are committed to set the standards in technologies and services.

Customer orientation

It is our goal to design and implement world class products and provide tailor-made solutions for and together with our clients. Our criteria for performance and success are the quality of products and the lasting benefits achieved by our customers. We hereby earn and maintain both their trust and loyalty. We strive for a long-term working relationship with our customers.

Professional and methodological competence

Interdisciplinary work is our day-to-day business. We draw on all fields of academia and knowledge that can inform and empower our efforts.

Staff commitment

Our firm's most valuable asset is our people. We aim to create a working environment that combines performance-orientation with concern for the individual. Our work processes and culture enable staff members to find their individual balance between professional and private life.

Be considered as experts in our field demand highly skilled and motivated employees, and this is the most important asset for the long-term success of our company. This is the reason why we are continuously training and developing the cooperation and leadership skills of our employees.


Not size and growth, but the sustainability and viability of Total is our goal.
Social responsibility Our company constitutes an active part of society. One of our principle responsibilities towards society therefore lies in offering our staff members long-term professional and personal development prospects.

With everything we do the intention is that it should be based on a fair and lasting partnership. We want to ensure through responsible action that neither our products nor our working practices cause harm to people or the environment.

With all our efforts to achieve economic success, we expect our managers to show a high level of social responsibility toward the workforce and society at large. At the same time we want to operate not only in accordance with the legal requirements but also in keeping with social values.

TOTAL’s Management, knowing the need of being highly efficient to be able to compete in the global markets, but also willing to guaranty the safety of our products as well as the health and environment protection.


TOTAL's principle of work is based on participation in order to manage social, organisational or individual change. Technical inputs are only one important component to facilitate development

Guiding principles

Our core values enable us to maintain and enhance existing good practices while undertaking change. These principles constitute the foundation for our staff's day-to-day decision-making.


We place great importance on maintaining close partnerships with our clients, tooling partners and staff members.

This emphasis on partnership is reflected in our company structure and culture. It finds its expression in our trademark: Total - your partner in change.


The quest for excellence drives our cooperation with clients. We apply the highest performance and quality standards to our services and products - and to the people and processes involved in their delivery.

We constantly question established concepts and further develop proven practices to achieve optimal results.


Our lively, fair and open communication enables much more than simply the exchange of information. We are constantly able to learn from difficulties by jointly addressing them in a timely fashion and through constructive dialogue.
Our culture of communication encourages the solidarity and trust that is indispensable to mutual learning.


Successfully implementing change means delivering lasting results for our clients, target groups and partners. We not only advise our customers, but also support them in the implementation processes that follow their decisions.

Honest and open relationships with our clients, partners and staff are the strategic foundation for our long-term success. Our ethical principles are laid down in our code of conduct. They provide us with a framework for action and enable us to achieve our goals while living our values.